The Debut Album – The Hunger

The new album from Vampyrëan is released on October 29th! The Hunger is an eleven track opus covering vampyres, werewolves and serial killers.

Tracks range from storming classic gothic rock tunes with monster riffs, to emotional melancholic ballads and fully orchestrated classical pieces.

It has guest vocal contributions from a stellar cast including Chris Pohl (BlutEngel), Aaron Stainthorpe (My Dying Bride), Sven Friedrich (Solar Fake), Elisabeth Kotronia (EnGarde) and drums from Jon Siren (IAMX).

Available In Physical & Digital Versions

The Hunger is available as a CD Digipak with 12 page booklet and a limited edition of 500 with a beautiful laminated 12 page A5 Lyric Book.

The CD Digipak and Lyric Book are available exclusively from Bandcamp.

The digital version is available from Bandcamp and all digital stores.

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New Single – Your Nightmare

Your Nightmare is the superb second single from Vampyrëan.

It is a dark and twisted insight into the mind of a demonic serial killer, featuring superb guest vocals from Chris Pohl of BlutEngel.

A menacing electronic underscore fuses with doom laden guitars to create an ominous warning against misplaced trespasses.

Out now all digital platforms.

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Also Available – The Hunger

The Hunger is the storming debut single from Vampyrëan.

It is a rousing goth anthem on the desire and obsession of a vampyre and the pursuit and submission of his victim, set to a catchy pulsating beat.

Lush crystalline guitar motifs battle with driving power chords, to create a dark, driving rock parable on the misery of a sanguine life.

Out now all digital platforms.

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The Hunger (Official Music Video)

Your Nightmare (Official Music Video)

Blood Countess (Official Music Video)

Crimson Dreams (Official Music Video)

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